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Tank Destroyers are vehicles designed specifically to destroy enemy tanks. They have more powerful weapons than most other vehicles of their tier and are able to penetrate most targets they encounter.

Tank destroyers (except several American and the British FV215b (183) tank destroyers) lack a turret and must re-position themselves to aim at a target. However, this design usually gives a tank destroyer more effective use of concealment due to a lower profile. The heaviest tank destroyer can weigh up to 135 tons. The fastest tank destroyer can reach speeds up to 72 kph. Armor on a tank destroyer can be as thick as 305 mm, and only artillery have more powerful weapons.

Tank destroyers are excellent ambush vehicles. Their increased concealment abilities allow them to gain the upper hand in battle by using the element of surprise to acquire a first strike advantage. However, the lack of a turret and the general lack of defensive ability means that an enemy can quickly gain an upper hand by using flanking maneuvers, leaving the tank destroyer helpless to defend themselves. Thus, the tank destroyer is generally not effective in close quarters combat unless protected and supported by mediums or heavies.

If it cannot find a position for an effective ambush, a tank destroyer can provide excellent fire support by hanging behind the front lines and engaging targets of opportunity. Alternatively, tank destroyers provide effective area denial in enclosed areas, such as city streets, especially in the case of the higher tier tank destroyers with strong frontal armor.

Artillery presents a significant problem for tank destroyers, as they are easier for artillery to damage due to their lack of turrets, making their entire topside a weak-spot, and they absolutely must rely on existing cover or relocate if spotted.

Tank destroyers appear as red or green inverted triangles on the mini-map and over target marker.

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