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Gift  T1E6

USA Light Tank Tier II
Battle Tiers
Cost Gift Tank (750  Gold)
Hit Points 160160 HP
Weight Limit 9.03/11.19.03/11.1 t
Commander (Radio Operator, Gunner)
Engine Power 244244 hp
Speed Limit 48/20 km/h
Traverse 4242 deg/s
Power/Wt Ratio 27.0227.02 hp/t
Pivot NoNo
Hull Armor 15.9/6.4/6.4 mm
Turret Armor12.7/6.4/6.412.7/6.4/6.4 mm
Damage 23-3823-38 HP
Penetration 25-4125-41 mm
Rate of Fire 42.8642.86 r/m
Accuracy 0.510.51 m
Aim time 1.91.9 s
Turret Traverse 3838 deg/s
Gun Arc 360°
Elevation Arc -10°/+15°-10°/+15°
Ammo Capacity 8080 rounds
Chance of Fire 2020 %
View Range 260260 m
Signal Range 325325 m
Parent none
Child none
USA-T1 E6.png

The T1E6 is an American tier 2 premium light tank. It is currently not available from the in-game store.

Experimental vehicles T1E4 and T1E6 were heavily influenced by the British Vickers E. The first prototype was manufactured by the Cunningham corporation in 1931. The original intent of the T1E4 was to fix the problems caused by a frontal engine in the T1 Cunningham. However, the two different engines that were used in it proved to be insufficient. After trials in 1932, the T1E6 was made with an upgraded engine. However, a different experimental tank, the T2, was preferred.

This tank was given as a 2013 New Year's gift from Wargaming to all players. The tank is basically a "powered up" T1 Cunningham, having fast acceleration and impressive engine output. It has one of the highest hp/ton ratings for its tier, making it very maneuverable.

Mind that the gun is basically the stock gun on the T2 Medium Tank, and won't get you far when dealing with opponents. As with other Tier 1 weapons, the AP ammo costs zero credits. This, along with its increased earnings as a premium tank, makes it virtually impossible to lose money with it.


TierNameArmorTraverse SpeedTraverse ArcView RangeXP CostPriceWeight
01I T1 12.7 12.7/6.4/6.4 mm 0038 38 d/s 360° 0260 260 m 0------ 0--- 0700 700 kg
Guns compatible with this Turret:
TierNameAmmoDamagePenetrationShell PriceRate of FireAccuracyAim TimeElevationXP CostPriceWeight
01I 37 mm Semiautomatic Gun M1924A1 80 30/30/36 HP 33/53/19 mm 0 Credits/2 Gold/8 Credits
42.86100% crew: 44.7 rpm
+ Vents: 45.7 rpm
+ BiA : 46.71 rpm
+ Food: 48.74 rpm
Semi-Automatic Cannon

Burst Length: 1 rounds
Magazine Size: 5 rounds
Magazine RoF: 120 rpm
Magazine Reload Time: 5 s

Click here for more information.
0.51100% crew: 0.49 m
+ Vents: 0.48 m
+ BiA : 0.47 m
+ Food: 0.45 m
1.9100% crew: 1.82 s
+ Vents: 1.78 s
+ BiA : 1.74 s
+ Food: 1.67 s
-10°/+15° --- 0--- 0065 65 kg

TierNamePowerFire ChanceTypeXP CostPriceWeight
04IV American LaFrance 312A V-12 0244 244 hp 020 20 % Gasoline --- 0--- 0800 800 kg

TierNameLoad LimitTraverse SpeedXP CostPriceWeight
01I Vickers E 11.111.1 t 04242 d/s ------ 0--- 2,000 2,000 kg

TierNameRangeXP CostPriceWeight
02II SCR 193 0325 325 m 0--- --- 0--- 0080 80 kg

Historical Info

After tests with the T1 light tanks, it determined that a frontal engine was not desired. In 1931, the Cunningham corporation presented its design for an improved version of the T1 Cunningham, called the T1E4. Testing began in 1932 and the tank originally had a 110hp engine. The weak engine caused the vehicle to stall when turning and other various problems. It was then equipped with a more powerful 140hp V-8 Cunningham engine. Eventually, it was decided to give the tank a 244hp engine. This new tank was called the T1E6. However, even with the enlarged engine compartment, it was very crowded and difficult to service the engine. The project was eventually dropped.
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