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Premium  112

China Heavy Tank Tier VIII
Battle Tiers
Cost 12,250  Gold
Hit Points 1,5001,500 HP
Weight Limit 46.0/49.046.0/49.0 t
Commander (Radio Operator)
Engine Power 580580 hp
Speed Limit 45/15 km/h
Traverse 2626 deg/s
Power/Wt Ratio 12.6112.61 hp/t
Pivot NoNo
Hull Armor 120/80/60 mm
Turret Armor240/130/60240/130/60 mm
Damage 293-488293-488 HP
Penetration 131-219131-219 mm
Rate of Fire 4,554,55 r/m
Accuracy 0.460.46 m
Aim time 3.43.4 s
Turret Traverse 2626 deg/s
Gun Arc 360°
Elevation Arc -6°/+17°-6°/+17°
Ammo Capacity 4545 rounds
Chance of Fire 1212 %
View Range 380380 m
Signal Range 600600 m
Parent none
Child none
China-Ch23 112.png

The 112 is a Chinese tier 8 premium heavy tank.

The development of the 112 tank started in 1962. The project was to feature parts and components of medium and heavy tanks. Existed only in blueprints. The 113 tank was a further development of the 112.


TierNameArmorTraverse SpeedTraverse ArcView RangeXP CostPriceWeight
08VIII 112 0240 240/130/60 mm 0026 26 d/s 360° 0380 380 m 0------ 0--- 12,000 12,000 kg
Guns compatible with this Turret:
TierNameAmmoDamagePenetrationShell PriceRate of FireAccuracyAim TimeElevationXP CostPriceWeight
08VIII 122 mm D-25TA 45 390/390/465 HP 175/250/61 mm 1,025 Credits/14 Gold/608 Credits 4.55 r/m 0.46 m 3.4 s -6°/+17° --- 0--- 2,590 2,590 kg

TierNamePowerFire ChanceTypeXP CostPriceWeight
09IX 12150LS 0580 580 hp 012 12 % Diesel --- 0--- 1,068 1,068 kg

TierNameLoad LimitTraverse SpeedXP CostPriceWeight
08VIII 112 004949 t 02626 d/s ------ 0--- 18,000 18,000 kg

TierNameRangeXP CostPriceWeight
09IX A-220
600100% crew: ? m
+ Vents: ? m
+ BiA : ? m
+ Food: ? m
600100% crew: ? m
+ Vents: ? m
+ BiA : ? m
+ Food: ? m
0--- --- 0--- 0040 40 kg

Historical Info

After the ties between the Soviet Union and Communist China began to break, China sought to develop a heavy tank which would be capable of fighting the T-10 and IS-3 tanks. This lead to the development of several projects such as the 112. Crew placement deviated from the Chinese standards and was more akin to that of the IS-2. Because of the engine's size, it had to be mounted longitudinally as opposed to the standard transversely-mounted engines found in other Soviet and Chinese tanks. Ammunition was stored on either side of the driver in the hull while additional fuel tanks were placed on the floor of the fighting compartment to increase the operational range of the 112 to up to 400 km. A 120mm smoothbore cannon was planned to be the main armament. However, some sources state that a 152mm cannon was also planned, but this is unlikely considering the industrial level of China at the time. The 112 did not enter mass production because China's industrial capabilities could not support it.

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